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Victoria knows?

The SuperSoul course is scientifically based, it has been verified by Victoria personally, and whilst running her own award-winning business. 

The genesis of MySuperSoul; founded in a challenging reality

  1. End of an era, start of a new...
    End of an era, start of a new...
    Bankers Goldman Sachs, Property Consultants Savills International and Lawyers Denton Wilde Sapte; firms I worked in prior to being hit by a car whilst cycling training before work on a sunny May morning. I am lucky to be alive.
  2. Baby steps, attainable goals
    Baby steps, attainable goals
    It took 8 years to recover from my injuries. I lost my sense of identity and was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). CPTSD was not understood by UK clinicians. Flashbacks, depression and anxiety worsened by sleepless nights. Determined to heal naturally, I studied Psychology extensively whilst undergoing psychological treatment myself (drug free). My work led me to collaborate with Combat Stress.
  3. A mental & physical processes
    A mental & physical processes
    I focused on a blend of subconscious & conscious behaviour. I concluded we need to process emotional and rational (conscious) behaviour to heal for the long term and developed a solution similar to what is now called Cognitive Affective Stress Management Training.
  4. Award-winning Victorious Baking
    Award-winning Victorious Baking
    Whilst healing, I won a grant and set up an award-winning healthy bakery (Winner of a Sky TV show, a Google Food Initiative amongst other awards), yet I preferred to help others with their professional or personal challenges. I then realised how I could help others whilst utilising my invaluable personal and business experience. I set up MySuperSoul
  5. There is always a way...
    There is always a way...
    ​​​SuperSoul's work is profound: We work with the subconscious and conscious decision making process; slowing ‘fast thinking’ and managing ‘slow thinking.’ The statistically valid programme raises personal awareness, teaching self-empathy, confidence and acceptance. It builds on individual strengths, teaching client’s the tools to handle negative behaviour caused by ignoring his/her response to a challenging situation.
  6. It isn't easy, but it is possible
    It isn't easy, but it is possible
    Consequently the course helps clients navigate the complex landscape of modern life: Our relationships with others; our fears, phobias and betrayals; our work choices and personal lifestyle choices. Whether you keep yo-yo dieting, feel overwhelmed, or just low in mood, the SuperSoul experience enables change to take effect via conflict resolution. Watch, hear or feel, how it unfolds as you play out your daily life. It is remarkable.