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Why would you not try the SuperSoul course

20% increase in productivity.
Unhappy workers decreases productivity by 10%. Happy workers improve productivity by 12%. The step change is about 20%*

"Expense it. It's on the company!"
The estimated cost of stress, depression and anxiety in the UK is £3.6 billion / year.
FTSE 100 companies pay for an average of 9 sick days/years companies per employee.* If you could, why would you not try and prevent this?

An easy win: Know your team - treat them like you mean them to be on your team. 
The main work factors causing work related stress, depression, or anxiety are workload pressures and a lack of managerial support. Care for your team and reap the rewards.* 

The SuperSoul Programme is scientifically proven.
The core consists of Cognitive Affective Stress Management Training.  I used it to help me manage PTSD (whilst setting up and running an award-winning bakery).

*Ashridge Business School for Nuffield Health 2011 & HSE 2015/16

The SuperSoul course

Nearly killed by a car, I am lucky to be alive. Benefit from my experience.

I understand what it takes to heal mentally & physically - not over months, but over years. 

Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) exposed me to anxiety, depression, flashbacks and more.

I returned to university to further study psychology and understand the phenomena.

PTSD is an extreme stress response but the lessons learnt are relevant for managing a busy lifestyle effectively.

Many employees feel under pressure to perform, add in the pressures of home life and often they feel overwhelemed. Corporations are essentially ticking time bombs.

The cost of cure is greater than prevention. Prevention boosts productivity. It makes good business sense to educate your team.    

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 the SuperSoul course.

Performance -
It takes training.

The SuperSoul course teaches you to manage your stress so that you can lead a better life.
The Steps:

Plan: What do you want to achieve? What is stopping you?

Examine: Do you realise how stressed you are?  We examine your physiological and psychological stress.

Understand: Do you know your stressors? What triggers your negative feelings and behaviour?

Manipulate: Learn to manipulate thoughts & feelings.

Apply: Each session builds on the previous, developing your understanding of the different tools and how to apply them to your life.

Simulate: I ask you to choose moderately stressful examples (not traumatic moments). You will apply the newly learnt tools to rehearse and understand the new way to handle a stressful situation.

Troubleshoot: We check to see how ‘it’ is for you. You learn some tools for emergency situations and we review to see how your course  experience may affect your goal plan.

There are additional sessions for those requiring additional focus or specifically themed workshops.

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Feelings are a feedback system. Learn to listen to them objectively. Act appropriately.​​
"Experiencing PTSD creates client empathy. My approach includes tools which I believe are imperative for mental and physical change. I can also include private care consultations between sessions. 

Post Graduate studies of Psychology allow me to 'technically understand what we are trying to manipulate.' ​Combining experience and undertsanding creates success."

Victoria, Founder of MySuperSoul